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About Us

Hailing from a grand family tradition of Indian jewellers, Nayna Mehta designs exquisite diamond jewelry that caters to a wide variety of tastes. With over 25 years of experience as a designer, Nayna's passion for jewelry started at a young age, with the gift of a small coin purse from a family member. The purse, only big enough to hold three pennies, was embroidered with several strands of gold thread. Peered upon by Nayna's deeply curious eyes, these gold threads inspired a life's dedication to exploring all the forms that precious metals and diamonds can take.

Growing up in an impoverished house in the wake of the Indian Revolution, Nayna never forgot the sheer joy that the golden purse brought her. Born into a family that traces its bloodline back centuries to the personal jewelers of Indian royals, Nayna's life can be described as a global education in jewelry. Realizing early on that jewelry was the perfect channel for her artistic interests, she pursued a formal education with zeal. After graduating from art school and taking courses at GIA, Nayna's natural confidence allowed her to try out new and bold forms as she ventured into the international market.

Currently traveling between Mumbai and Los Angeles, Nayna's unique vision is shaped by the world at large through color. From cool hues of blue that remind her of the world's greatest oceans, and shades of green that recall prospering fields, to reds and yellows that foster sheer energy, Nayna believes that color has the magical ability to transform one's moods and feelings.

No color better represents the virtues of womanhood quite like the color PINK. Pink is the perfect embodiment of love, femininity, nurturing, and warmth - all qualities that make women truly special and worth cherishing. Using rare Natural Pink Diamonds as beautiful as blushing cheeks and roses in full bloom, Nayna has crafted an exquisite collection of jewelry that personifies these virtues and makes a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

With that, it is Nayna's hope that the vivid color from her designs inspires the wearer to celebrate life. To make lasting memories indelibly linked to a unique piece of jewelry, when wonderful artwork can express what words cannot.